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  Carpeting thymes spread across the ground and are up to 1 to 2 inches tall. They can be grown between paving stones, next to paths, or in beds with other spreading thymes.
Coccineus Group

 There are a number of closely-related thymes with darker magenta or purple flowers; these have been placed together in a cultivar group called Coccineus Group. One favorite cultivar in this group is 'Reiter's Red', named for Californian plantsman Victor Reiter. Images: scanned image, 'Reiter's Red' with 'Evergold' thyme and 'Silver Mound' artemesia.

 Not really that coconut-scented. What I've bought as this thyme has large leaves like those of T. pulegioides, but apparently a number of very different plants are sold as 'Coconut', as descriptions vary wildly. Images: scanned image

 One of the best golden-green thymes, 'Evergold' really does hold its lime color through the summer. Images: whole plant, 'Evergold' with 'Reiter's Red' thyme and 'Silver Mound' artemesia.
'Linear Leaf

 A rambunctious spreader that suffocates slower thymes in its path. Leaves are long, slender, and pointed. Images: whole plant and a scan.
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