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  Carpeting thymes spread across the ground and are up to 1 to 2 inches tall. They can be grown between paving stones, next to paths, or in beds with other spreading thymes.
Juniper Thyme

 The nomenclature for this thyme seems particularly screwed up (even more so than for all the rest of the thymes, which is hard to believe!). As far as I've been able to determine, the correct name is listed here, but T. neiceffii can also be found as T. neceffii, T. neicefferi, and T. necefferi (and those are just the closely-related names). Regardless of what it's called, this is lovely falling over the edge of a pot, with or without its soft pink flowers. Images: whole plant.
'Pink Chintz'

 Another thyme with many aliases and easy to find in most nurseries under some name. Look for rounded leaves arranged in perfect pairs, alternating direction up the stem. Images: whole plant, close-up, two flower heads, and another flower.
'Thomas' White'

 This thyme is most often sold here as White Moss Thyme or Thymus serpyllum 'Alba', or something similar. It creeps along the ground slowly, with bright apple green scentless foliage and white flowers.
'Uncle Wayne'

 I happened to find this thyme at about the same time that Wayne became an uncle. Images: close-up.
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