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  Low thymes sprawl across the ground and are up to 3 to 4 inches tall. They're too tall to place between paving stones, but can be used next to paths or in beds.

 Bought from Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery. Leaves densely packed together, with a flower head atop fuzzy bracts barely peeking above the congested foliage. Slow-growing. Images: scanned image.
'Clear Gold'

 Probably the same plant as the thyme known as 'Transparent Gold'. I got my plant several years ago from Companion Plants; it has disappeared under an onslaught from one of the more rambunctious thymes.
'Doone Valley'

 This is the strongest-scented lemon thyme I know, and it's longer-lived as well. 'Doone Valley' has a shrublike form but is too small to put with the true shrubs. In winter, leaves are splotched with bright gold; during spring the gold darkens to deep green. One of my favorites. Images: whole plant.
'Long Leaf Gray'

 One of the more rambunctious sprawlers, but can be short-lived. I'm on my second generation of this plant, after the first bloomed its heart out one year, only to die soon after. Images: whole plant and another.
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