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  Many Pacific Coast iris hybrids are available that haven't been given a name. This is a subset of the nameless irises I've grown; these all have yellow, orange, or apricot flowers.
 One of the first Pacifica irises I bought, and still one of the healthiest and most floriferous. One of the first to bloom each year.
Images: flower (59 KB), another flower (63 KB), and another flower (64 KB)
primrose yellow
 A recent addition that seems to be doing very well.
Images: flowers (67 KB), flowers with a lavender-veined Pacifica iris (76 KB)
 Large plant, very floriferous, looks great with Canyon Snow (a combination I call Yellow Snow!).
Images: flower (65 KB), flower (70 KB), with 'Canyon Snow' (75 KB), another with 'Canyon Snow' (73 KB), and another (76 KB), and another (62 KB).
 Named cultivars
white- and cream-colored varieties
strongly-veined varieties
yellow- and apricot-colored varieties
pink-toned varieties
purple- and blue-colored varieties
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