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  These irises are relatives of one or several of the local iris natives: I. douglasiana, I. innominata, and I. tenax. They are known as Pacific Coast Hybrid irises or as Pacificas. From the Sunset Western Garden Book: "Eleven species native to the Pacific Coast states constitute a homogeneous group within the genus Iris. From several species, breeders have developed hybrids in a broad range of colors and patterns; flowers may be white, blue shades, pink, copper, brown, maroon, violet--many with elaborate veining or patterning. Foliage is narrow, clumps are like coarse grass. Slender flower stems grow 8 in. - 2 ft., depending on variety."
and species

 This set of Pacifica irises came to me with names attached, or are specimens of an iris species. Cultivars include: 'Canyon Snow', 'Cape Ferrelo', 'Easter Parade', 'Joey', 'Sea Gal' and 'Triple Heart'.

 Many Pacific Coast iris hybrids are available that haven't been given a name. I have photos of enough different irises, I've split them into five pages by flower color: whites and creams, heavily veined, yellow tones, pinks, and purples and blues.
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