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  We have a collection of photos of thyme species and another of Pacific Coast Iris cultivars, along with information about each specimen if we have it. We have also collected a number of useful landscape-related links to share with you here.
thyme species 
 In addition to culinary thyme (Thymus vulgaris), the Thyme genus contains a wide variety of creeping plants and small shrubs, all with small leaves and flowers in white, pink and pinkish-lavender hues. Most thymes are drought tolerant once established (the lemon thymes seem more susceptible to drought than the other species). Some have wonderful scented leaves; others are scentless. Some work well between pavers in a path or patio; others drape over a stone wall in a glorious shower.
Pacific Coast
(aka Pacifica)
iris cultivars
 Pacific Coast, or Pacifica Irises are cultivars developed from several iris species native to California and the Pacific Northwest. Iris species used include Iris douglasiana, I. innominata and I. tenax. Pacifica irises are evergreen with grass-like foliage. Blooms have small upright standards and falls that spread out. Falls and standards are sometimes ruffled. Colors include white, every color of violet from palest lavender to deep purple, blues, rose, burgundy, and yellow tones from buff and apricot to deep gold. Many flowers have contrasting blotches and/or veining.
 We've collected a number of links that you might find useful for learning more about interesting plants, landscape materials, and landscape design.
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