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  As a complement to our work in commercial architecture, the office also produces designs for both commercial and residential landscapes. Landscape designer Cheryl Renshaw is a South Bay native and knows the climate and special issues affecting local landscapes.
design process 
 Design helps you visualize and understand your project and its scope. As each project is different and the needs of each client are also different, we offer a complete schedule of services ranging from initial consultation and recommendations to preparing full construction documents.
 Buildings we have designed often need landscaping in order to get project approval by the city. Our office has developed innovative landscape solutions that go beyond the typical commercial landscape one sees everywhere.
 Landscapes need to fit the house architecture, the local climate, and the homeowner's needs. Our office works closely with homeowners to develop residential landscapes that fit the mediterranean climate in which we live.
 We can provide the following services "a la carte." While some of these services are included in the design process outlined above, others are independent.
 We have a collection of photos of thyme species and another of Pacific Coast Iris cultivars, along with information about each specimen if we have it. We have also collected a number of useful landscape-related links to share with you here.
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