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 Welcome to the web site of Wayne Renshaw, Architect. We have assembled these pages as an on-line portfolio to showcase a few of our projects, as well as to highlight some of the services we provide and share some of our resources. We thank you for visiting and hope that you enjoy visiting our site.
 Our office specializes in many of the facets of commercial architecture, including new construction, tenant improvement, rehabilitation, and remodeling. Our portfolio includes office buildings, retail shopping centers & shop fitting, restaurants & food service uses, and educational facilities. Look through our entire portfolio or select one of our specialties listed below to find out more.
landscape and
site design

 As a complement to our work in commercial architecture, the office also produces designs for both commercial and residential landscapes. Landscape designer Cheryl Renshaw is a South Bay native and knows the climate and special issues affecting local landscapes.
rendering and
 Renderings--illustrations of buildings and landscapes--help people envision the possibilities. Renderings help translate the abstract into something that people understand. Look through some examples of renderings and learn how we create them.
street painting
 Street painting with soft pastels is an Italian tradition that is gaining popularity here in California, where the climate allows for a long summer of predictably dry weather, as in Italy. Street painters in Italy are known as i madonnari after their favorite subject matter, the Renaissance portraits of the Madonna and Child. The office of Wayne Renshaw, Architect has participated in street painting festivals in Santa Barbara, Palo Alto and San Luis Obispo since the year 2000. See paintings we have sponsored and painted and our schedule of upcoming street painting events.
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