Marietta ChalkFest, October 11-12, 2014

Marietta, Georgia was the venue for the second new festival on this year's chalk circuit for us. We were absolutely amazed by how well the festival was organized and how smoothly everything ran. Despite the frequent bouts of rain, most of the artworks suffered no damage whatsoever. A testament to the skill of their crews!

Top all of that off with the finest examples of Southern Hospitality, wonderful food, and the best company and we have all the makings of a wonderful festival.

Pounced image of the future painting
This year's festival had a Halloween theme. We photographed our favorite nieces in costume and built an image of young witches learning to fly. Despite all of her efforts, the younger one just can't drive "stick."

Painted basketball court and Hawks logo
The Atlanta Hawks basketball team sponsored our square and so we added a little half-court basketball flair to our image.

Cheryl paints Alex
Between minor rain storms, we managed to get Alex started.

Cheryl paints Alex--side view
The hat makes the witch.

Alex with most of a face and shoes
Every good witch needs a good pair of boots.

First rain cover on Saturday
Right after fitting Alex with a hat and boots, the sky opens up. We took an hour's break.

Wayne paints Alex' clothes
After the rain, Wayne performed chalk CPR on Alex.

Wayne paints Alex' shirt
We were able to finish up our rendering of Alex on Saturday after the rains.

Cheryl paints Catie's foot
As a witch, if one cannot drive 'stick then one should try the next best thing: flying a vacuum cleaner.

Catie's face and hat
Apparently, Catie is no better at flying the vacuum cleaner than she is at flying a traditional stick.

Cheryl is shocked while working on Catie
Day two at lunch time and Catie is complete.

Blowing off the tarp on Sunday
Catie is completed just in time for a two hour lunch time downpour. The Marietta Crew handles the rain perfectly. Again, no damage to the artwork.

Done, Closeup of Alex
Fluffy the cat and her flying feather duster round out the flying lessons.

Done, closeup of Catie
Can't drive 'stick. Then again, she's only thirteen.

Done, closeup of cat
Feather-dusting felines fly fast.
(and they like alliteration)

Done, closeup of basketball
What Halloween themed image would be complete without a floating basketball?

Done, closeup of hawk shadow
We added a subtle Hawks reference with the shadow of a hawk in the upper background.

Done, Catie from an odd view
The upside-down distorted view of Catie.

Done with Cheryl and Wayne
And away we go with the finished painting.

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