Luna Park Sidewalk Chalk Festival, September 20, 2014

The fifth annual Luna Park Chalk Festival took place in Backesto Park in San Jose, California. Wayne grew up in San Jose, so this festival one day festival is one of our home-town favorites.

For this year's festival we focused on plumbing. Big plumbing. And demonstrated our skill (or lack thereof) in the art of stopping leaks.

Cheryl pokes Wayne in the eye
Plumbing. About as much fun as a poke in the eye. We got a head-start on the festivities by sneaking into the park on Friday morning.

Cheryl works on Wayne's hand
Sometimes these things can be like chewing on concrete.

Cheryl and Wayne working on Friday afternoon
A hard hat job - as Cheryl finishes the hard hat.

Cheryl and Wayne working on Cheryl and Wayne
Hard hats and a bright orange work shirts. Job safety always comes first.

Cheryl draws her own hands
Cheryl and Cheryl work on that clipboard.

Cheryl smiles
Cheryl and her Mini-Me.

End of day on Friday
Ready to start work on Saturday morning!

Closeup of the hapless plumbers
Climbing out of that hole while Cheryl twists that invisible pipe.

Cheryl adds pipe shadows
Let the plumbing begin!

Wayne stands by the floating wheel
The wheels turn, the hole floods, and the shadows fall.

Cheryl paints a pipe next to the wheel
From the side, the distortion of the image becomes more apparent.

Wayne fills in gaps in the pipes
The true height of the image comes into view from the top.

Cheryl and Wayne tape the edges of a pipe
Real plumbers use duct tape.

Finished with a girl walking by
All done!

Right side view of finished painting
Side view showing the spray of the pipes.

Finished painting from the left side
The really big wheel from the side

Finished view from the top
The finished view from the top down.

Wayne tries to give himself a hand up
Wayne lends a hand, while his mini-me stands stunned as the spray hits him in the ear.

Finished closeup of the plumbers

Finished painting
Next time, (don't) call Wayne's Plumbing for all your plumbing needs!

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