Kansas City Chalk & Walk, September 6-7, 2014

We were invited to attend the Kansas City Chalk Walk in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Having friends in the area and having never been to Kansas City, we decided to accept the invitation. We met some of the most wonderful people and really enjoyed our time in both Kansas and Missouri.

Bryce's helmet
Safety First! Always wear a helmet when chalking in Kansas City!

The surface that we were working on was unusual: polished concrete (it's an ice rink in winter). The surface is hard and extremely smooth. Without some sort of preparation the surface would not accept chalk, and painting would be next to impossible. Our usual coating of choice, tempera paint, was not an option because the property managers feared it would leave a stain. Cheryl, working with Jennifer Chaparro, devised an odd mixture of lemon lime soda-pop, salt, and flour as a surface prep. The sugary soda stuck to the concrete, the salt added texture, and the flour eliminated the excess stickiness. Overall, as a surface treatment the mixture was not perfect, but it did the job. More research is needed!

Cheryl works on Em's helmet
Helmet number two. Big helmet: almost four feet tall.

Cheryl starts painting Em's face
Emily is looking a little fuzzy.

Em peeks out under Cheryl's hand
If you pinch her nose, she won't sneeze.

End of Saturday progress
Emily is completed and scoots away. Bryce rides topless.

Upside down Bryce without a body
The top-down view shows how big Bryce's head really is.

Wayne works on Kai
Working on scooter number three.

Bryce tells Cheryl a secret
Cheryl giving Bryce directions. Or possibly, Bryce giving directions to Cheryl.

Dancers perform while Cheryl works
They asked us if we needed anything and we said "Dancing Girls."

And they brought us the Ballet!

Cheryl, Em and Wayne work on the painting
Emily helps us lay out the path.

Cheryl and Em at work
And she helps us lay in the grass.

Cheryl paints poppies
Cheryl realizes that the poppies look like the wallpaper in the house she grew up in.

Wayne and Em paint grass
Wayne and Emily plant the last little bits of grass.

Wayne and Em from the top of Kai's helmet
The top down view showing the full distortion of the image.

Almost done with Wayne
Almost done!

Wayne and Em from the top of Em's helmet
No matter what angle you look, the painted Emily is always looking at you.

Kai's Dole helmet
We changed the brand name of Kai's banana-colored helmet from "Bell" to "Dole." His helmet is approximately six feet tall.

Spiderman Bryce
Bryce's mom told us that this is the "Spiderman" hand position.

A field of poppies.

Finished with Cheryl, Em and Wayne
And the final image. Emily poses with us and her mini-me on wheels.

Wayne and Cheryl scooter around the spiral
I knew that we forgot to bring something...scooters!

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