Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, August 23-24, 2014

There is a story to every image (although some stories are better than others), and this image was a special one. The Palo Alto Festival of the Arts is a "Hometown" festival for us. Cheryl grew up in the neighboring city of Los Altos and many friends and family come to watch us draw.

Last year we drew something complicated and finished the image late in the day. We were not able to spend as much time goofing off and visiting with friends and family as we wanted. So we vowed to draw something simple this next year. Simple, like a stick. Or a box. A stick in a box! This became the germ of an idea that evolved into our image.

Wayne draws the box
A stick and a box? Sounds like the standard tiger trap. And who was the most famous tiger hunter of our time? Calvin.

Wayne draws the box from the side
The trap was simple enough: One box, one stick, one length of string.

Cheryl draws Keenan's leg
And, of course, there is the hunter himself: Calvin. The role of Calvin was played by Cheryl's cousin's son, Keenan. No tigers were harmed in the filming of this episode.

Cheryl paints Keenan's arm
Little known fact: this Calvin rarely wears shoes (we were lucky he was willing to wear the striped shirt!).

Closeup of the tunafish sandwich bait
Tiger traps are baited with tuna fish sandwiches. Tigers will do anything for a tuna fish sandwich. They are kind of stupid that way.

Tiger face
Lunch time!

Cheryl paints the striped shirt
Calvin's striped shirt.

Tiger head with tiger trap
The end of the day on Saturday. Lunch will have to wait until tomorrow.

Sunday morning status
Sunday morning. The trap is set. We just need to set the scene.

Smokebush leaves begun
Hello Kitty! And some Wattersonian fall colors.

Completed tiger

Completed tiger trap
Boxed Lunch.
With a side of stick.

Keenan as Calvin lies in wait
Our brave hunter.

Tiger eyes closeup
Tiger eyes (with a chunk of black chalk across the eyebrows).

The view of the tiger from Keenan's perspective
Waiting to spring the trap...

Finished Tiger Trap painting

Cheryl acts scared of the tiger
Very dangerous!
You pull the string.

Cheryl takes a selfie with the tiger
Selfie with tiger.

How the painting looks from a ladder
The painting as seen from a ladder, where you can see some of the 3D distortion.

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