Hudson Valley Chalk Festival, July 19-20, 2014

The Hudson Valley Chalk Festival takes place in a small town that is about a two hour drive up the Hudson River from New York City. We were honored to be invited once again to the third annual festival where we decided to do another adventure painting: Street Painting with Kayaks.

Friday afternoon
The festival is a three day event, Friday for layout and laying in some basic color and Saturday and Sunday to finish. This image is approximately 12' x 18'

End of the day on Friday
By the end of Friday we had "logged" the upper half of the painting and a bit of the river.

Saturday afternoon view from the top
Saturday went swimmingly as well. Here is the distorted view of the river seen from the top.

Wayne poses on Saturday afternoon
Time for a little fun playing with the drawing

A little girl poses on Saturday afternoon
We brought in a few junior kayakers to pose with our image.

Two little girls pose on Saturday afternoon
Good clean fun! Who says that chalk and water don't mix? (a bit of foreshadowing there...)

End of the day on Saturday
By mid day on Saturday we had decided that the pace of our painting was too fast: if we didn't slow down and goof off more then we we would finish on Saturday and would have nothing to do on Sunday.

Such thinking usually foreshadows some flavor of doom.

Wet painting on Sunday morning
At 10:00 pm we got the call: Rain is coming. The drawings need to be covered. We sent a crew of artists down to the site with duct tape, cardboard and plastic sheeting. Everything was covered and sealed tight.

Sadly, half of the water from the site flowed through our painting. Our little boats got swamped.

Wayne blow dries the painting with a leaf blower
Step one: Blow dry the painting. With an umpteen horsepower leaf blower it took 30 minutes to get most of the water off.

Sunday morning after the leaf blower
The surface was still too damp to paint until almost noon.

Restarting at noon on Sunday
And so it begins. Again.

Cheryl paints whitewater
It is always faster the second time around.

Cheryl and Wayne working from the top of the painting
Paddle faster!

Cheryl and Wayne at work from the right top corner
Swimming right along.

Sharyn paints our ferns
One of the best things about working in a tribe of artists is that often times heroes will come to your rescue. Katie Better came in and helped with the canyons and the boat. Sharyn and Lorelle came in and helped with the plantings.

Sharyn and Wayne finishing from the top
Sharyn adding the fern at the base.

Finished front kayaker
Our overly serious kayaker.

Finished back kayakers

Finished painting with Wayne and Cheryl balancing on the log
Balancing on the log watching the little boats float by.

Nate poses with finished painting
Nate points out the little guy downstream.

Finished with a little girl posing
Brooms make great paddles.

Finished painting cleaned up
Kayaking through the parking lot.

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