Santa Barbara I Madonnari Festival, May 24-26, 2014

The Santa Barbara I Madonnari is usually the first festival of our California chalking season, and one of our favorites. This year we started with the "germ-of-an-idea" of a soap-box car race. The original concept had a modern, fast soap box racer pitted against a home-made crate racer. After visiting with our nieces, we did a little wagon racing with her friends and took some wonderful, fun, wagon racing pictures. We added the cooking pot helmet and the race was on.

Wayne shows off some legs
Our leggy racing girl takes her place in the fast wagon.

Cheryl shows off a chalky hand
Five. The number of fingers that Cheryl has just drawn.

Wayne and Cheryl work on the wagon slats
Wagon time! Because our wagon involved so many sharp edges, we decided to mask the edges.

Kaci's eyes
Quite the spectacle.

Wayne races the wagon to the finish line
Racing the wagon!

Cheryl paints the soapbox racer's face
Chin up!

Cheryl continues to paint the racer's face
Despite what the image looks like, Kaci the wagon racer did not bite Cheryl.

Wayne paints wheels
Fast car!

Soapbox racer head and helmet

Kaci's head with her pot helmet
Sheer terror. With a pot on her head.

Soapbox racer
The fast car!

Soapbox racer
Fast car concentration.

Wayne and Cheryl race to catch up with the racers
Joining in on the race (we didn't win).

Upside down view of Kaci
Wagon rider from the top.

Upside down view of the racer
From the top, the car looks like a dinner roll.

Upside down view of the entire painting
The distorted image

Finished painting
The photo finish. Who do you think won?

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