La Strada dell'Arte Festival, May 3, 2014

The Napa festival La Strada Dell'Arte is a one-day festival sponsored by New Tech High School in Napa California. New Tech High is a specialized school that provides a project-based high school education through the use of technology. For this one day festival, we put together a simple interactive thought experiment: What would one do if one found Wile E. Coyote's hole, the one he paints on canyon walls that allows trucks and Roadrunners to pass through?

Black hole
Our phantom observers look into the mythical hole.

Cheryl paints Alex' face
Cheryl begins to tickle Alex's nose.

Catie's shorts painted
And Catie is looking a little short.

Top down view with Wayne
Working on the t-shirt

Top down view with Cheryl

Top down view of completed painting
Done! Upside down!

Finished painting with Cheryl and Wayne
At least one of us wants to know what is down in the hole.

Side view of the finished painting
The sidelong stretch

Little girl in a green dress poses with the painting
Dunzo! (we never did find out what is at the bottom of that hole!)

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