Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, February 22-23, 2014

The Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, in Lake Worth Florida, was our first street painting festival of 2014. This year's festival had a movie theme and we decided to "produce" a melodrama. Our nieces, Alex and Catie, did the acting: Snidely Whiplash in a fit of pure evil ties the heroine, Nell, to the railroad tracks. (Mwa-ha-ha!)

Wayne paints the villain's cape
What would a villain be without a cape, a top hat, and a really bad mustache?

Cheryl paints Catie's mustache

Cheryl paints Alex's hands
Mwa-ha-ha. (honestly, we could caption all of the images this way)

Wayne adds rope around Alex
Wayne helps Snidely tie Nell up. (will the terror never end?!)

View of Wayne from the top of Catie's top hat
Every good villain needs a really big hat.

Nate as Dudley Doright
Nate Doright, RCMP, to the rescue!

Wayne as Dudley salutes
Salute first, rescue second.

Right before the painting was washed out

... and then the rains came down, softening the edges and washing our villain out.

Washed out painting after the rain
Dunzo! Softened by the rain.

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