Disneyland Limited Time Magic Chalk Art Festival, October 2013

In October were honored to be invited to complete a street painting at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Having just attended a pirate theme birthday party for our godsons, we settled on a pirate image. We had so many delicious photos of this motley crew of party pirates that the image was easy to complete.

The official Disney sign for our paintings
We decided to do two separate images: one of a boy playing with Jake's pirate ship and a second larger image of the pirate crew.

Liam head and balloon
Our first image was of Liam. Every pirate should have a balloon.

Kid asks Wayne about Liam painting
The upside down balloon.

Wayne eats cookies
Real pirates eat cookies while chalking.

Girl plays with Liam
Liam shares his toys with a park visitor!

Finished painting of Liam with the pirate ship
The final image of Liam and his balloon.

Painting of Liam from the top
The distorted upside down pirate and his balloon.

Another girl plays with Liam's pirate ship
Everyone wanted to play!

Bryce's eyes
Aye Aye!

Pirate flag
Most skulls on pirate flags have a nice smile, don't they?

Bryce's face and hat
That's Cap'n Bryce!

Bryce draws his foam sword over Cheryl's shoulder
Cap'n Bryce aims his sword at anyone getting close to Auntie Cheryl.

The Renfrews visit the pirate paintings
The motley crew is visited by our Southern California friends, the Renfrews.

Painting of Bryce completed
On Guard! Prepare to battle with Cap'n Bryce.

Bryce viewed from the top of the painting is all hat
The top side view of Cap'n Bryce. From this angle we can see that the hat truly makes the man.

Kai's head joins Bryce
Admiral Kai defends from the right.

Cheryl works on Kai's arm
Our band of brother pirates from the top. Bryce still doesn't want you getting too close to Auntie Cheryl.

Cheryl grimaces above Kai and Bryce's big hats
Arrrr! Admiral Kai teaches Auntie Cheryl the proper pirate face.

Two brothers swordfight in front of two brothers
Pirates from the park step up to the fight.

A woman shows that she's really a pirate
Is that your best pirate face, or are you going to sneeze?

Cheryl works on Kai--view from the side shows how large they are
Cap'n Bryce is still watching. I told you don't get any closer to Auntie Cheryl!

A brother and sister sword fight
I'm not sure whose side these pirates are on.

Max is neckid
Max, our third pirate: all neck and headband.

Two pirates and a blindfolded hostage
Little pirates defending their space.

Max has half a face now

Close up of Max completed
ARRRR, Matey!

Close up of Bryce completed
Stand and Deliver!

Close up of Kai completed
Admiral Kai issues his challenge.

View of the completed paintings from the right side
The Sideways Distortion (good band name!)

View of the completed pirate trio painting from the top
Topside distortion.

View of the completed pirate trio painting from the left side
Left Side distortion.

The completed painting
The final image of our pirate trio.

A girl in a red dress crosses swords with Bryce
Someone dares to cross swords with Cap'n Bryce.

Cheryl crosses swords with Kai
Cheryl keeps Kai in check.

Cheryl and Wayne pose with the finished painting
And finally, Kai scratches Auntie Cheryl's ear with his sword. (He really is a great kid!)

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