San Luis Obispo I Madonnari Festival, September 2013

Ever wondered who keeps the monsters at bay when you fall asleep? Fear not! The brave Sir Theodore, Knight of the Comfy Chair is always there to slay the Scaawy Monsters! This year we asked two of our favorite models, Miss Giana and Teddy, to act out this scene of courage for us.

Finished painting
The finished painting.

Wayne and headless Ted
Sir Theodore, Knight of the Comfy Chair takes shape on the streets of San Luis Obispo.

Sir Theodore
Time to sharpen up that blade.

Cheryl fingerpaints
The innocence of the sleeping Miss Gianna. (It will come as no surprise to those of you that know the beautiful Miss Giana that the hardest part of the photo shoot was getting her to pretend to be asleep. Full speed is her preferred mode.)

Painting so far with Giana and Sir Theodore
Sir Theodore is now on guard.

View from the top of the very large pillow
In order to get these images to "stand up" in a three-dimensional way we must introduce distortion into the image. The cute little sofa cushion looks more like a huge tortilla chip from the top angle.

Little girl threatens Cheryl
While Cheryl worked on the big monster this little girl assisted Sir Theodore.

Little girl looks over her shoulder
Two brave knights working together! The monster evaporates in fear.

Little boy exorcises the monster
I asked this little boy (2.5 years old?) if he wanted to "fight the monster." He shyly nodded yes and took the sword. I loved the pure innocence--he didn't know the proper way to hold a sword. Giggling, I showed the photo to his mom. She thought about it for a moment, laughed and said "oh, we're Christians!"

Cheryl smites Wayne with the wooden sword
Sir Theodore prepares to dispatch the big blue monster. Cheryl tells Wayne to stop acting like a monster. Or else.

Close up of completed teddy bear
Sir Theodore. This image shows just how bad the paving is. Chalking on this section of Monterey Street is like drawing on gravel. Much of the paving aggregate is granite or quartz and won't take the chalk.

Close up of completed monster under the chair
The little purple monster under the chair just wants to play with the ball.

Close up of Giana
Miss Gianna sleeps.

Close up of Sir Ted and the monster
The big blue silly monster. All fangs, claws and horns. He's no match for Sir Theodore of the Comfy Chair and he knows it.

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