Corporate Event, August 2013

In August of 2013 we were commissioned to prepare a painting for a large corporate sales event in Silicon Valley. The event was to rally the sales force, recognize the sales leaders, and inspire the troops. The event's theme was "The Fast Road to Amazing!."

The organizer wanted a 3D image that would be presented at the final gala on Friday afternoon. The Gala was a three hour event and they wanted the painting complete for the event. Therefore, we decided to prepare the work on Canvas. A large canvas tarp from Home Depot specifically.

We imagined that the "The Fast Road To Amazing!" (Who thinks up these themes?) would likely involve a some sort of a "road" and to make the perspective work we would need to be traveling downhill. Downhill to the city shining city of Amazing! on the horizon. Searching for Canyon images tends to take one to Roadrunner/Coyote country. And so we built our image around that. Cheryl blended together images of canyons, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a high-rise skyline to create the mythical city of Amazing! out on the horizon.

A salesman poses with the painting as if he were about to skateboard down the canyon
Next stop: Amazing!

Cheryl paints the first misty mountains
A little known fact: the Fast Road to Amazing! begins in our back yard. And it was built from the sky down.

More misty mountains
Another little known fact: the shadow of a clothes line make great parallel grid lines.

The distant city rises on the shores of a desert lake
Purple mountain majesty takes shape under the skies so blue.

View from the other side
And the city of Amazing! comes into focus.

The scene so far from the proper viewpoint
The Bridge from the Fast Road to Amazing! City.

Night falls over the canvas, and a foreground appears
As the deadline was tight and it the evenings were warm we worked into the night under work lights. Cheryl worked from the top down and Wayne worked from the bottom up.

Close up view of the distant cliffs
The purple mountains melt into the high desert.

Close up view of the distant blue mesa
Shadows on the horizon.

The painting at the start of the second day of work
The elusive "middle ground".

Close up of the background so far
The high ground melts into the middle ground.

Close up of the background with bridge
Somewhere down there, just before the bridge, there is a little puff of dust behind a Roadrunner, a Coyote in hot pursuit.

The sign work included the tedious task of cutting in all of the letters, sharpening their edges, and then cleaning it all up and adding sparkle. That took way more time than it should have.

The canyon fills in

Wayne gives a hand to the painting
The fast road to...ING!

Just a little bit left in the middle
The view from the back patio gets better and better!

Wayne poses with the finished painting
Done! We brought the image to the event center: a white tent in the parking lot. Based on the posted occupant load, Wayne would estimate the size of the tent at somewhere around 13,000 square feet (about 10 times the size of our home!). The tent was carpeted with white (!) Astroturf carpeting, which worked like Velcro to hold the canvas in place.

We suggested that the vender provide a bicycle or skateboard for people to pose with. Wayne prepares for a fast ride down the mountain to the City of Amazing!!

The completed painting
After installing the image, we went home to change. When we returned, we found that they had removed the wheels from the skateboard and screwed it to the floor. After seeing the heels on some of the women's shoes, we quickly found the wisdom in that idea.

Overdressed for skateboarding a canyon
Not only is she taking the Fast Road to Amazing!, she is doing it in a dress, wearing pearls and not watching where she is going. Amazing!

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