Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, August 2013

This was the tenth anniversary of street painting's arrival at the Festival of the Arts, and we celebrated by revisiting one of our favorite paintings from a previous year--not by reproducing the same image, but by reenacting it, with a twist. In 2007, we painted a photograph of four of our friends--our nieces, our nephew, and our neighbor--lying on a blanket and giggling. We called it Summer Days. This version is less bucolic and more comical, with the two of us filling in for two of the kids and a fifth figure (a cousin) added in for good measure. We always seem to bite off a little more than we can chew for Palo Alto, given its status as one of our "hometown" festivals, and this painting was no exception. Next year, we're painting a stick. In a box.

Wayne gets a poke in the eye
Wayne liked this painting like a poke in the eye.

Cheryl paints Wayne's cheek
Cheryl works on Wayne's face.

Cheryl makes a face to match Wayne's
Smile, Cheryl!

Alex' shirt
Alex painted her own shirt.

Wayne and Cheryl painting
Wayne and Cheryl at work on Sunday.

Wayne makes a face
Smile, Wayne!

Wayne paints his own hand
Wayne paints Cheryl's hand while Alex makes a face.

Painting of Catie, Wayne and Keenan
Sunlight falls across Catie's cheek.

KPainting of Keenan and Wayne
Keenan jumps out of the frame.

Cheryl paints Alex' fingers
Cheryl gives Alex a manicure.

All the painted faces from Keenan's corner
Finished faces!

All the painted faces from Alex' corner
And from the other corner.

Alex poses with the painting
Smile, Alex!

Finished painting from Cheryl's corner
The finished painting from Cheryl's corner.

Catie's bracelest
Catie's bracelets proved to be pretty complex.

Goofy artists pose with goofy painting
Smile, everyone! By Sunday evening, we were all pretty punchy.

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