Danville Fine Arts Faire, June 2013

The street painting part of this art and wine festival expanded to both sides of Hartz Avenue, with twice as many artists coloring the street. Our theme this year was Flowers, so we thought it would be fun to create a scene of an artist's easel set up outside, painting some flowers. The image was designed so that passers-by could sit on a stool and pose as if they were painting the canvas on the easel. Our thanks to Waz Keatingo for the use of his easel for the photos and his used palette as a prop! Of course, the painting needed something more than an easel and some flowers, so we recruited the little girls across the street to draw us some pictures, too.

Wayne's dad passed away suddenly two days before this festival; we dedicate this painting to the memory of his parents.

Wayne paints hollyhocks on the canvas
Wayne's mom's favorite flower was hollyhocks, so we painted them in memory of her.

Lia's face
This was Lia's first time posing for us, and she wasn't quite sure about this.

View of the painting from the upper left corner
Looking down on the easel from the top of the painting emphasizes how we skewed the image to make it pop up.

Cece poses with the painting
Once we got the painting on the easel finished, fellow artist Cecelia Linayao showed us how to pose.

Coneflowers with cones painted
Wayne tried a batch process approach to painting coneflowers, and created a field of cones.

Wayne paints coneflowers
Here's Wayne, outstanding-- er, -sitting in his field.

Joel poses with the painting
Fellow artist Joel Lau painted au plein air, too.

Cheryl paints a little girl on the street
After Lia was done (can YOU sit like that without a lot of pain?), Cheryl went on to her big sister Giana.

Girl poses with unfinished street painting
She wasn't sure how she was posing, but once this girl saw the photo, she was thrilled.

Giana's drawings
Giana draw flowers for us. We added some bling (a necklace and bracelets) because our sponsor was a jewelry store--which is very much in keeping with Giana's sense of style!

Wayne and Joel paint flowers
After he finished his floral painting, Joel helped us finish ours--what a guy!

The finished painting
The finished painting with hollyhocks, coneflowers, daylilies and a few other flowers we found at Gamble Garden.

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