Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, February 25-26, 2013

We returned for our third year to Lake Worth, Florida in February to help celebrate the city's centennial year. The weather is always part of the story in Florida; this year, the skies opened up Saturday night and poured buckets of rain on the festival. The next morning we saw several paintings that had been completely washed away. All of the featured squares had been covered with plastic during the storm, so our paintings had some damage but they were not totally wiped out. We spent Sunday morning repairing the damage, and had to leave out one of the children in our painting.

The festival asked us to paint something to celebrate Lake Worth's centennial, and the organizer suggested that rather than a diorama of the history of Lake Worth (which we don't know), a birthday party would be more fun. We couldn't agree more, so we rounded up all our favorite preschoolers for an impromptu birthday party, minus the presents. The kids had a great time blowing out candles and playing with the hats and blowers, and then we let them eat cake. They didn't seem bothered that there wasn't a birthday girl or birthday boy at the party.

Wayne paints the birthday cake
Wayne ices the cake.

Wayne shows off his colorful fingers
Wayne painted the dots on the party hats by keeping track of which color was on which of his fingers.

Saturday night damage to Kai
We removed the plastic on Saturday night after the storm had passed. This is what was left of Kai (the boy on the right). We joked that someone left our cake out in the rain (and then had the song "MacArthur Park" stuck in our heads).

Rain damage on Tristan
On the other side, Tristan and her wild-haired Barbie were washed out almost entirely.

Cheryl laughs while working on Tristan
Sunday morning: Cheryl repaints Tristan and her Barbie doll.

View from the top
Looking across the painting from the top.

Cheryl paints Isabella
The wind picked up on Sunday, so Cheryl had to tie her hat on while painting Isabel.

Wayne and Cheryl smile with the painting
Almost done!

Isabel and Katie
Closeup of Isabel and Katie--all done!

Finished painting
Happy birthday!

Finished with Cheryl and Wayne
All done!

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