San Ramon Art In The Park, October 2012

We were asked to paint at the San Ramon Art In The Park festival, where local San Ramon artists sell their artworks. We shared the plaza with Hien Nguyen, our neighbor from Luna Park Jennifer Kershaw, and high school student and new street painter Danielle (um, didn't get her last name). We had heard that San Ramon had had a small problem with geese congregating in their parks (not that we saw any that weekend), so thought it would be fun to do a goose themed painting. Then the only problem was thinking of an interesting goose theme to use--when Duck Duck Goose came up in a brainstorming session, we knew we had our concept. The kids are our neighbors Ava, Giana and Natalie. The ducks and goose reside in Santa Clara's Central Park, which has its own issues with waterfoul-- er, waterfowl.

Starting to paint Ava's hair
Cheryl paints Ava from the head down.

One duck painted, one still in outline

Cheryl smiles as she paints Ava
Cheryl paints Ava's face.

Close up view of the painted duck

Close up of Ava's face
Ava's face

Natalie helps Wayne paint =a duck
Our model Natalie helps Wayne paint a duck.

Natalie paints duck feet
Ducks have very orange feet.

Painting of Ava's head and neck
Ava's head and neck

Cheryl paints Ava's arm
Ava's flyaway hair.

Wayne and Jesse paint a shadow
Wayne and Jesse paint a grassy shadow.

Wayne Jesse and Cheryl show their dirty hands
Ta da!

Cheryl paints Natalie's head
Cheryl starts on Natalie.

A toddler poses with the painting and points out the ducks
That's a duck!

Painting status at the end of Saturday
The status at the end of the first day. Almost done!

Two painted ducks

Painting of a Canada goose

Painting of Natalie with just her skin areas finished
Natalie's skin areas are complete.

Partly done painting of Natalie
Natalie's dress is finished.

A large white dog poses with the painting
A Great Pyrenees dog plays Duck Duck Goose with us.

Wayne works on Natalie's clothes
Wayne paints Natalie's pants.

Wayne touches up a duck
Wayne, duck!

Painting of Natalie and Giana in progress
Giana's wild curls

Wayne smiles

The painting almost finished
Almost done!

Finished painting of Natalie and Giana
Natalie and Giana are done!

Darren and the painting from the top
Darren works near Ava's big head.

Finished painting
All done!

Two little girls play duck duck goose with the painting
We found more kids to play Duck Duck Goose.

Toddler runs across painting
Some were ready to run around the circle (or at least run).

Baby posed with the finished painting
Some were too young to run.

Cheryl pretends to hold hands with the painted Giana
Cheryl holds hands with Giana.

Wayne plays Duck Duck Goose
Wayne's ready to jump in the mush pot.

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