San Luis Obispo I Madonnari Festival, September 2012

Our godsons Bryce and Kai live near us and their grandmother lives in Southern California, and their parents went to school with us in the San Luis Obispo we thought SLO was the perfect site for a painting of the boys. They got to help us paint, too! We asked to be placed at the end of the row of paintings so we could view our painting as part of the whole festival. And maybe the traffic barricades might help protect the rest of the artwork.

Wayne prepares to stencil the barricade
Wayne stencils orange and white stripes on the central barricade.

Kai's face with blue background
Kai's head pops from the pavement.

Wayne and Cheryl working on Saturday
Wayne explains the painting while Cheryl works on Bryce's face.

Cheryl painting Bryce's face
Cheryl at work on Bryce's face.

Kai finished on Saturday
Kai was finished on Saturday.

Wayne helps Kai and Bryce paint
The boys got to help on Saturday afternoon.

Our painting as of Saturday evening
By the end of the day on Saturday, we had both boys, one barricade and three traffic cones painted.

The Matisse blue background added
Sunday morning, we got the blue background filled in.

Cheryl painting a box of chalk
Cheryl adds a box of chalk in a bit of recursive painting.

Cheryl and Wayne stencil text on the barricade
We prepared a couple of stencils for the text on the barricades, and finished up the painting by stencilling the larger sign.

Wayne falls off his seat
The finished painting really knocked Wayne off his feet.

Kai and Bryce step on Bryce's head
Kai was happy to have a chance to step on his big brother's head.

Finished painting with all four painters
All four painters pose with the finished painting.

Completed painting
The completed painting with the other paintings on Monterey Street.

A little girl runs across the painting
Clearly, the barricades had limited value as barriers.

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