Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, August 2012

We were chosen to be the feature artists for this year's festival, and chose a Silicon Valley subject: what really causes devices to stop working? The illustrated device isn't any particular machine in particular, with vacuum tubes, integrated circuits and a power supply plastered with warning labels.

Kai's head and hands
Cheryl started by working on Kai's head and hands.

The power plug
Wayne painted the power plug. Visitors posed with the plug, acting as if they were pulling it out. Here is a photo album of people pulling the plug on our artwork.

Cheryl paints Tristan
Cheryl painted Tristan after finishing Kai's skin tones. Wayne added Kai's clothing.

Cheryl Alex and Wayne work on Saturday
After our niece Alex finished her own painting, she came over and helped us out. Here she's painting a fig beetle.

Painting of a computer mouse
Eek! A mouse!

Close up view of Tristan

Painting showing three kids
The three “ghosts” float in the painting.

Alex and red-hooded girl share a seat
Sunday morning and the photography turned artsy. This is Alex and a girl who got to try out painting with her.

Kai Bryce Karla and Randy
Our favorite art critics came by later--model Kai and his big brother Bryce (and Mom and Dad, too!).

Wayne poses with our model Kai
Wayne poses with Kai.

Wayne aligns a straightedge along the rim of the box
Wayne uses a straightedge to create the edge of the device box.

Catie and Sophie help paint
We got more help on Sunday afternoon--Alex' sister Catie and our friend Sophie (a former classmate of our neighbor Sean).

Catie uses the straightedge
Catie uses the straightedge on the front of the device.

Sophie and Catie as viewed from above
The view from above.

Warning labels on the power supply (includes warnings about Godzilla and crocodiles)
Beware of crocodiles in this power supply. The warning labels were stenciled.

Catie and Wayne painting
Catie and Wayne at work.

Cheryl and Wayne finishing the painting
Almost done.

Catie and Sean
Jekyll and Hyde? They're two of a kind.

The finished painting as viewed from the top
The view from the top of the finished painting.

Finished painting with most of the artists
The finished painting with most of our helpers (Catie, Sean, and Alex).

The finished painting

Painted chips
Chips tossed from the device by our ghosts.

Close up view of the vacuum tube
The top of a vacuum tube.

Close up of the finished painting center
A closeup of the kids

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