Santa Barbara I Madonnari Festival, May 2012

For our thirteenth year at I Madonnari and our fourth year painting a 12x12 square (thanks to sponsor Howard Gross, MD!), we decided to go with our strengths and create a 3D painting featuring Wayne's cousins, Megan and Jack. They live in the Santa Barbara area and have helped us paint there for several years now. The painting's theme was inspired by Calvin and Hobbes and by our rocket scientist relatives--Cheryl's dad and Wayne's brother. The satellite in the upper corner is either Pioneer 10 or 11. The kids are riding in their Backyard Orbital eXplorer (we figured the vehicle needed an appropriate NASA-esque name, complete with acronym). The city lights in the lower left corner that have caught Megan's eye were originally from Cairo and the Nile Delta, though of course one never knows if this planet is Earth.

photo of the square with the painting's pattern outlines
We put down the pattern on Friday afternoon.

photo of Cheryl painting Megan's hair
Saturday morning, Cheryl started with Megan's head and her beautiful hair.

photo of Cheryl working on the painting at lunchtime on Saturday
By lunchtime, Cheryl had Megan's face and hands done, and Wayne had finished most of the box (all but the part Cheryl was sitting on) and Jack's shirt.

photo of Wayne, Jack and Megan working on the satellite
We got some helpers on Saturday afternoon--our models, Jack and Megan!

photo of Jack and Wayne painting
They started out working on the spacecraft.

photo of Megan working on the atmosphere
Then they worked on space and the atmosphere.

photo: Cheryl smiles while working on painting of Jack
Cheryl worked all afternoon on Jack's spiky hair, his face and his arms.

photo: the painting from the upper right corner with Cheryl, Megan, Jack and Wayne at work
Jack continued working in space and Megan moved over to painting her scarf.

photo of Megan painting her scarf
She was a very careful artist.

photo of Pioneer satellite at the end of Saturday
By the end of the day (and some good work by Wayne's rocket scientist brother David), Pioneer was starting to look properly space-ready.

photo of the painting at the end of the day on Saturday
End of the day on Saturday (as the long shadows suggest). We've made good progress and are sure we can finish in good time on Sunday.

photo of Wayne painting stars with Jack and Megan
On Sunday, Megan and Jack returned for more. This time they saw (and painted) stars.

photo of Jack adding stars to the background

photo of Cheryl painting city lights
Below the starry sky, Cheryl added terrestial stars from the city lights.

photo of the painted city lights
Close-up view of the city lights (and matching signatures of all artists).

photo of the finished painting on Sunday with all artists pointing out features
Look over there!

photo of Cheryl and Wayne posing with the finished painting
Jack points out a spot we missed.

close-up view of painting of Megan
Megan checks out Cairo in amazement.

close-up view of painting of Jack
Jack is amazed by the Mideast (or maybe something else).

photo of painting of Pioneer spacecraft
Close-up view of the Pioneer spacecraft.

View from the left side of the painting
This view gives additional meaning to the term "sidelong"...

Completed painting

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