Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, February 25-26, 2012

We returned for our second year to Lake Worth, Florida for their 18th street painting festival. The weather was nearly perfect for street painting--not too hot, not too cold--except for the possibility of rain. It rained for a little bit on Saturday morning, but not enough to affect anyone's painting. The threat literally hanging over us probably helped us stay focused, as all the street painters in our section finished by mid-afternoon.

Our painting this year was based on a play date we had with our godsons, Bryce and Kai, at a local park. The kids and their trucks were darn cute, but we decided we needed more of a story, so we imagined the scene that might happen if Mom happened to fall asleep by the sandbox, leaving her purse within reach.

Lucerne Avenue with street painters painting tempera base coats
The first thing we did was to paint a layer of thinned black tempera paint as a base to cover the shells in Lake Worth's asphalt. We learned this year what happens if we make the tempera too thick--it peels up off the street when it dries.

Template pounced on tempera with error
Once we laid down our template, we discovered we'd mismeasured--Kai's head was offset six inches.

Corrected template
Fortunately, the error was easy to correct with a little more tempera paint.

Friday night status--half of Kai's head and half of the sandbox edge complete
By the time the sun set on Friday night, we had half of the sandbox edge and the top half of Kai's six foot tall head complete.

Covering paintings before rain Saturday morning
We arrived on Saturday morning just in time to cover the paintings before the showers began.

Closeup of the outline of Bryce's head showing where water washed out an eye
When we removed the plastic after the rain abated, we found only a couple of spots where water got in and washed away our template. Unfortunately, one was Bryce's eye, but we managed.

Cheryl paints Kai's face
Wayne completed the other sides of the sandbox, and Cheryl finished Kai's face.

View from the top corner of the painting showing Kai's large head
A lot of people commented on how large Kai's head was.

Bryce's head
After finishing Kai's head, Cheryl moved on to Bryce's.

Cheryl paints Kai's hand holding a tractor
After finishing the faces, Cheryl started working on hands while Wayne worked from the feet up on Kai.

Kai's head
Kai sticks his tongue out in concentration.

Closeup view of Kai's hand holding car keys
We added the car keys Kai is holding.

The painting as of 5:41 PM on Saturday
By around 5:30, all of the skin tones were done, and Kai was finished.

Kai and Bryce on Saturday afternoon
By then, the painting was looking pretty good, and barring poor weather, we were sure we'd be able to finish in time.

Cheryl cleans chalks and puts them away
One hears about having a palate cleanser between courses in a meal; Cheryl was a palette cleanser as she switched from skin tones to other subjects.

View from the right side of the painting looking across
Just to prove that Kai isn't the only kid with a big head--Bryce's isn't quite as tall, but it's still pretty stretched.

View of the plastic-covered painting on Sunday morning
Cheryl was worried that it would rain overnight, so they covered the painting just in case. The bike racks kept the plastic from blowing off if the wind came up.

Bryce appears to help Cheryl paint the iPhone
It appears that Cheryl got some help in painting the iPhone.

Cheryl paints the back end of a dragon
A couple of our friends were painting dragons bursting from the street at the festival, so we thought we'd show where they were bursting from--our sandbox.

The painting as of late morning on Sunday
By late morning, the dragon, pail, sunglasses and truck were done, and Cheryl was starting on the purse hanging over the edge of the sandbox.

Lower left corner of the painting showing the beginning of sand in the sandbox
The purse is done, but not all of its spilled contents, and Wayne has begun filling in the sand.

The painting from the top showing people taking photos of it
The view from the top.

The painting almost completed
The painting is almost done, and it's only three o'clock!

Wayne and Cheryl pose with the almost complete painting
Wayne and Cheryl pose with the nearly-complete painting.

Cheryl and Wayne pose with their cellphones and the finished painting
All done! We thought we'd try digging with our cellphones.

Closeup view of the bikini and sunglasses
The lower right corner had an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini bra along with the sunglasses and pail.

The car keys and iPhone hands
Car keys and cell phone...plenty of buried treasure!

The dragons diving into the sand
Dragons diving into the sand.

Close up view of the purse on the side
The purse and all of its contents spilling over the edge.

Bryce's head complete
Bryce's head and shoulders.

The finished painting
The finished painting.

The remains of the painting on Monday morning
By Monday morning, car wheels and a morning rain shower had done a lot to obliterate the painting, but Kai still peeked through.

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