Luna Park Chalk Art Festival, September 2011

This year at the Luna Park festival, we decided to honor the neighborhood's past. The neighborhood's name comes from the first chain of amusement parks--about a hundred years ago, there were Luna Park amusement parks all over the world, to the point where "lunapark" is the word for amusement park in several languages. So we decided to paint a lunar-themed roller coaster. We used a photo of our nephew and his cousin from a roller coaster, then added tracks and craters for the coaster to rise from and fall into. And an astronaut. And green cheese. We ran out of time to add the UFO.

Cheryl with the roller coaster track
We started out by painting the roller coaster track.

Cheryl paints Nolan's face
Cheryl paints the terrified Nolan.

View down the track at the end of the day on Friday
At the end of Friday, we had the track in place and Nolan started.

Nolan's face on Friday
Nolan's face on Friday--when we looked at the photos at home, we decided he looked a little too pale.

Morning coffee and astronaut
Wayne started the day on Saturday with some hot chocolate and a facemask.

Kyle's eyebrows
Kyle's hair and eyebrows.

Wayne teaches a child to paint
Wayne got some help on the astronaut.

Kyle looks at the camera
Kyle stares out at the world.

Wayne paints the astronaut
Wayne paints the astronaut.

Wayne and the astronaut smile for the camera
Smile for the camera, Neil!

The painting at lunchtime on Saturday
By lunchtime on Saturday, the astronaut was done but the cheese wasn't, and both Nolan and Kyle had faces.

Nolan and Kyle's heads in the painting
Closeup of Nolan and Kyle.

Cheryl paints Kyle's thumbs
Kyle gives a big thumbs up to Cheryl painting his hands.

Astronaut with cheese slice
The astronaut has lunch!

Cheryl and Wayne paint the kids' shirts
Wayne paints Nolan's shirt while Cheryl works on Kyle's.

View from the top of the coaster
The view from the top.

Painting of Nolan looking terrified

Nolan helps Uncle Wayne paint
Nolan helps Wayne paint the Luna Park sign.

Cheryl and Wayne finishing up the painting
Cheryl and Wayne get the knees and shorts painted.

Nolan and Kyle peek over Cheryl's shoulder
Kyle peeks over Cheryl's shoulder.

The finished roller coaster painting
Finished! Now for some fun.

Kids pretend to ride the coaster

Wayne and Cheryl ride the coaster
Wooo hoooo!

Wayne and Cheryl pose with the painting
A calmer photo with the artists.

Upside-down view of Nolan and Kyle
Kyle and Nolan from the top.

Closeup of Nolan and Kyle
Closeup of Nolan and Kyle (right side up)

View from the top of the coaster with Wayne
The view from the top of the completed painting.

Completed painting
One last view of the completed painting.

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