San Luis Obispo I Madonnari Festival, September 2011

We became friends this year with a talented photographer in the San Luis Obispo region, Tim Wagner, and he gave us permission to use one of his photographs for our painting. This past spring, he was the official photographer for the Dreamweaver dance show in Templeton, and we chose to do a painting based on a photo of his of five dancers leaping across the stage.

For the first time in San Luis Obispo since we've been painting here, we had problems with the weather. It rained early Saturday morning, cleared all day Saturday, then rained again Saturday night before clearing again on Sunday. As a result, our five dancer painting became a three dancer painting.

The edited original photo
Here's the photo we were working from (I edited the background and moved one of the dancers' hands away from the face of another dancer).

Closeup of Sarah's face with crack on Saturday
The lead dancer--Sarah--had a 1/4" wide crack running down her face. What made matters worse from a painting perspective was that the crack was full of damp sand, so Cheryl had to powder pastels and pat them into the crack in order to fill it in.

Cheryl works on dancer Sarah
Cheryl started with Sarah's raised hand and moved down from there, while Wayne worked on her legs.

View of Wayne from the top of the painting
Wayne works wonders on the dancers' harem pants.

Cheryl poses with unfinished painting on Saturday
This was a fun painting to pose with!

Sunday morning with the painting washed away
Sunday morning: the rain has sheeted across the painting, taking with it the top layer of pastels so everything is faded. Fortunately, the painting is still visible enough that we can recover.

Recovery of the painting on Sunday
After some work, the dancers are starting to return to normal.

Closeup of Sarah's face
Sarah's cracked face on Sunday.

closeup of Sarah's face
This view of her face shows the crack more.

Finished painting

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