Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, August 2011

This year, we were asked to paint a reproduction of a well-known painting, so we chose to do a Norman Rockwell (our second try at one of his paintings). We chose his painting of a girl returning home from camp, bringing with her far more than the dirty laundry and lanyards that we remembered from our camp days--she has a turtle, a snake, a chipmunk, a plant, a birds nest, and a bouquet of dandilions! Not to mention all the stuff she brought with her--we're pretty sure a hatchet is not on the list of Things To Take To Camp these days. We added a bit to the painting as well--a background with poison oak. One niece posed with her colorful shoes and socks, and our other niece posed for the face.

the original Norman Rockwell painting
This is the original Saturday Evening Post cover (note the date--timely!).

closeup view of the camper's colorful and mismatched shoes and socks
Wayne started off working on the camper's shoes and socks.

Cheryl paints the camper's face
Meanwhile, Cheryl started at the top.

Camper Catie from the eyes up
We called the subject Camper Catie.

Wayne paints the camper's backpack
Wayne works on Camper Catie's backpack.

Catie shows off her cookie while Wayne paints
Catie helped paint fenceposts (and helped eat cookies).

Camper Catie's face
Cheryl kept plugging away slowly on Camper Catie's face.

Alex at work on the blanket
Alex painted the plaid bedroll.

Alex painting the bedroll

Saturday afternoon progress
By Saturday afternoon, Cheryl had done the face and Wayne had done (or supervised) everything else--shoes, backpack, trunk, fishing gear, and fenceposts.

View from the top of the painting
Wayne helped Catie take some photos.

Catie poses with Camper Catie
Catie liked to pose with her likeness.

Alex points out her painted face
Her sister got into the painting.

Status at the end of Saturday
By the end of Saturday, Camper Catie had knees and part of her hands as well as her face, and she was starting to get dressed as well.

Cheryl paints the camper's hands
On Sunday morning Cheryl finished off the hands, complete with bandage.

Cheryl paints the chipmunk
Cheryl paints some of the camper's accessories--Jack in the pulpit plant, chipmunk, birds nest...

Kids help us with the fence posts
Sean and his friend Olivia joined Catie in finishing up the fenceposts.

Catie crosses Camper Catie
Catie paints the background behind her painted head.

Catie poses with herself
Catie assumes the expression.

The painting, almost complete
The painting is almost complete as Cheryl works on the poison oak.

Closeup of the completed backpack and knees
The backpack and knees look good.

Completed headshot
Camper Catie headshot

ground squirrel painting
A ground squirrel checks out the chipmunk.

Chipmunk and other accessories
The chipmunk, snake, nest, etc.

A blue turtle to dream of.

Cheryl grins
Having fun yet?

Cheryl puts the chalks away
Time to put the chalks away.

Completed painting with Cheryl and Wayne

Signed painting
Complete with signature.

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