San Jose First Friday Street Fair, August 5, 2011

During (most of) the summer months, San Jose has a street fair in the South First (SoFa) district on the first Friday evening of the month (they skipped July because of the July Fourth holiday). As with the subZERO festival in June, we came to help promote the Luna Park Chalk Art Festival in September. This evening's subject was a set of baby blocks, set up to spell out LUNA PARK. We had our favorite Luna Park peeps working with us, including Katrina Loera and Ann Sherman, while other Luna Parkers ran the information booth and signed up people for the September festival.

Giant Red Wagon drives down the street
In addition to artists' booths, this month featured art cars, including this giant Radio Flyer wagon.

Wayne teaches Bryce to chalk
Our friend Bryce stopped by to give us a hand...and was loath to go when Mom had to leave.

Outlines of the baby blocks
The baby block outlines were on the pavement by 6:15.

Ann and Wayne at work
Ann and Wayne fill in colors.

Katrina paints
Katrina gets the L into the painting.

Ann paints a block
Ann works on the A block.

The painting part done
The painting in progress.

Cheryl silhouetted against the painting
Cheryl silhouetted against the painting (great lighting by Steve and his crew!)

Carousel horse by Katrina
Katrina's carousel horse.

The painting from the top side
The view from the top. Someone is standing at the "sweet spot" where the image pops into 3D.

Sharp painted pencil
Wayne sharpened that pencil nicely. The black spots are oil on the street--it comes through the pastels and there isn't much you can do about it.

Fat crayon from the side
A big fat crayon.

Completed painting
The finished painting (complete with arrow pointing to where to stand and Cheryl putting away chalks).

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