Danville Fine Arts Faire, June 2011

Danville is a special case festival because there are only five paintings--it is primarily an art and wine festival and we're merely part of the spectacle that helps encourage repeat traffic. (The festival organizer would love to be able to work with a local education group, if any are interested in earning money by organizing sponsorships and selling kids' squares. So far no group has come forward.) Last year, the artists all decided that this year's theme would be dogs, in honor of the many pups that parade past our paintings each year. Shirley Rhoades chose dogs playing poker, Hien Nguyen painted a William Wegman photo of a wigged Weimaraner, Cece Linayao painted a dog celebrating his birthday, Alice Crittenden painted a springing springer spaniel, and we painted a pack of greyhounds as a tip of the hat to the Golden State Greyhound Adoption group that brings its dogs to the event every year.

Cheryl mists water onto the pounced image to set it
Here's the pounced outline before we began painting. Cheryl is misting water onto the outline to set it and prevent it from blowing away in the wind.

Top half of Catie's head has been painted
The top half of Catie's head is painted.

Top half of Buzby's head
As has part of Buzby's head.

Candy and Buzby visit the square
The real Buzby and his owner Candy visited us.

Buzby real and painted
Buzby and Buzby.

Wayne smiling
Smile, Wayne!

Janet and Cheryl with the painting
Cheryl and her sister Janet (Catie's mom).

Cheryl, FlatCatie and RealCatie
Catie gets to help paint herself.

Cheryl Catie and Wayne
Cheryl, Catie and Wayne.

Painted Catie from the top
Big Head Catie

Wayne talks to little girls looking at the painting
Wayne flirts with the kids a lot.

Cheryl Catie and Wayne paint
Catie and Wayne paint Catie's shirt while Cheryl paints Catie's arm.

Alex leans back and looks at Buzby
Eek! A giant dog!

Catie with a smudged face
Catie got into the spirit of painting.

Cheryl with smudged face
So did Cheryl.

The greyhounds visit Catie and the painting
Some of the Golden State greyhounds visited at the end of the day. None of these greyhounds were in the painting, but they didn't seem to mind.

Wayne with the greyhounds
Nice doggie!

Close up of the painting showing Catie and Buzby
Catie and Buzby are done.

View from the top of the square
Here's a view from the top of the square.

The painting at the end of the day on Saturday
Our status at the end of the day on Saturday.

Lily Mae's eyes
Lily Mae's eyes. We included three photos of Lily Mae--she was the best at posing in ways we could use, I guess. She definitely had the softest fur of any of our models. Such a sweet dog.

Lily Mae's head
Cheryl painted this Lily Mae with a different coat color to differentiate it from the other two Lily Maes. The original Lily Mae is a red fawn color; the painted coat is what's called a blue coat color.

Cheryl pretends to pant like a dog
Hot enough for you?

Wayne paints the second Lily Mae
Wayne paints the second Lily Mae--she's lying on the ground in front of Catie.

The square as seen from the top of Buzby's head
Big Head Dog and the Asphalt.

The painting status at lunchtime on Sunday
Three more dogs to go at lunchtime on Sunday. Will we make it?

Close up of painted Catie
Closeup of Catie.

Cheryl and Darin erect an umbrella while Wayne paints
Cheryl helps Darin (Umbrella Man) erect an umbrella while Wayne paints the third Lily Mae.

Cheryl paints Molly
Cheryl begins work on Molly in the shade.

Close up of Molly's head
Molly had perked her ears up at the sight of something interesting.

The real Lily Mae came to visit
Here's the real Lily Mae with her owner. We put her in the umbrella shade because the asphalt was too hot for doggie paws, and she got so comfortable she attempted to lie down...on the painting of Molly. We stopped her just in time, but she looked very confused--why couldn't she lie down in the shade with this person petting her?

Cheryl works on Molly
Cheryl with the painting of Molly. Molly and her adopted sister Jazz (another of our models) came by Sunday morning, but we didn't get a photo with them.

Wayne rests in the shade
Wayne takes a break in the shade.

Wayne finishes the painting while Claudette visits
Almost done! Claudette stops by to see (it looks more normal from her perspective).

Close up of finished Molly
Close up of the finished Molly painting. She had a constellation of oil spots around her head...sometimes that happens.

The finished painting with a pack of real greyhounds
All done! The pack comes by to see. We decided to take one of the dogs from the painting (the aforementioned Jazz) so that we could finish in time.

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