Luna Park Chalk Art Festival, September 2010

This was our third year in Luna Park (a neighborhood of San Jose). We decided to honor Mexico's bicentennial and the San Jose Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival concluding that weekend by painting a pair of Ballet Folklorico dancers. The previous weekend, we photographed a lot of dancers as part of a mariachi festival event at the Children's Discovery Museum, and this image emerged from that visit. The two dancers are members of Ballet Mexico Folklorico, a troupe from Milpitas. We skewed the image dramatically to get the dancers to "stand up" or look like they were real from the right perspective.

side view of the sombrero
Side view of the sombrero (and a bit of the vaquero's face).

Wayne paints the vaquero's very small boots
Wayne starts work on the vaquero's very small, very tall boots.

Wayne smiles for the camera
Wayne continues his long task of painting silver buttons on the vaquero's tight trousers.

Closeup view of the vaquero's face
Closeup view of the vaquero's face.

Cheryl paints the sarape
Cheryl got to use ALL the colors to make the sarape!

View from the top of the painting
El Vaquero's ten-gallon hat.

Cheryl continues to paint the sarape
By the end of Friday, we'd gotten all but a little bit of El Vaquero's serape finished.

Cheryl paints hair ribbons
On Saturday, Cheryl started with La Seņorita's hair ribbons (she looked all wrapped up for Christmas!).

Wayne paints miles of skirt ribbons
Meanwhile, Wayne began to lay out yards and yards of skirt ribbons.

Cheryl and Wayne at work on the painting
Cheryl finishes La Seņorita's head while Wayne plays "Guess Which Hand Holds The Chalk?" with a bystander. (answer: both hands)

Wayne and Cheryl work hard on Saturday
Wayne and Cheryl hard at work on Saturday.

Closeup photo of the two painted faces
The poor seņorita had an unfortunate crease in her chin.

Cheryl with the tiny dancers
One way to make a 14-foot tall dancer look small is to pose with him.

Catie Alex and Cheryl pose with the finished painting
Catie and Alex pose with Cheryl and the finished painting.

Finished painting from the top
The completed painting from the top.

Wayne and Cheryl pose with the finished painting
Wayne and Cheryl pose with the finished painting.

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