San Luis Obispo I Madonnari Festival, September 2010

We took our nieces on their first tidepooling trip this summer, "borrowing" them for a weekend to go to the ocean and watch Star Wars movies (no, there isn't really a connection there). Cheryl took this photo with her fisheye lens attachment (also used in last year's Palo Alto painting with the nieces).

The asphalt on Monterey St. in SLO is very rough and eats up pastels at a prodigious pace. We all hope it gets repaved before next September!

Cheryl paints Catie's face
Cheryl paints Catie's face, having finished Alex's face already.

Closeup of Alex and Catie
Closeup of Catie's and Alex' heads.

Status as of lunchtime Saturday
Here's how far we got by the time we stopped for lunch on Saturday.

Cheryl paints nieces while Wayne paints sky
Wayne starts work on the sky, having done as much of the seaweed-covered rocks as he could. Cheryl keeps working down the nieces.

Wayne paints sky and Cheryl paints nieces
Reach for the sky, Wayne!

End of the day status on Saturday
The painting's status at the end of the day on Saturday.

Morning view down Monterey Street
The view down Monterey Street, with Tracy Stum's meeses, our nieces, Alice Crittenden's crane, Cece Linayao's mermaid, Jay Schwartz' Tamara de Lempicka, Ann Hefferman's sea anemone, and Lisa Jones' Wayne Thibaud (and a bunch more, all the way down to Jessea's vineyard scene at the end).

Closeup view of the painting
Closeup view of the nieces. Wayne is painting the ocean and Cheryl is working on Catie's hands.

Wayne, Cheryl and Alice work in close proximity
Wayne, Cheryl and Alice work closely. The weather is perfect (and matches the weather in our painting)--cool and foggy, but not wet.

Status at lunchtime on Sunday
The status at Sunday's lunch break. Wayne's filled in the tidepool and ocean, while Cheryl has one leg left to go on Catie.

Closeup of Catie and Alex
Closeup of Catie and Alex.

Cheryl paints Catie's last sandal
Cheryl adds the last of the four bright green saltwater sandals.

Cheryl paints Caties toes
Catie gets a pedicure as Cheryl paints her toes.

Cheryl visits with the Great Danes
These were the best behaved Great Danes we've ever met.

Wayne finishes the rocks
Wayne finishes the last rock section that Cheryl was sitting on.

Completed painting from the scissor lift
Cheryl and Wayne pose with the finished painting.

Finished painting without painters
The completed painting.

Original photo, edited to look like it is on the pavement
Here's the original painting, edited to match the previous photo.

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