Santa Barbara I Madonnari Festival, May 2010

We were sponsored again this year by plastic surgeon Howard Gross, MD, and chose to reproduce one of Cheryl's favorite Norman Rockwell covers for the Saturday Evening Post, Girl At Mirror:

Norman Rockwell's Girl At Mirror, 1954

We were aided once again by our favorite background team: our cousins Jack and Megan. They proved up to the challenges of mixing colors and standing on the blisteringly hot pavement. They also did a great job stenciling Norman Rockwell's signature for us.

Wayne draws the discarded doll
Wayne draws the discarded doll.

Starting painting the reflected girl
Top half of the reflected girl's face.

Reflected girl face done
The reflected girl's face completed. It took a lot of work to get the expression right--for a while she had a knowing smirk instead of a look of wistful sorrow.

Top half of the reflected girl
The reflected girl complete from the shoulders up.

Completed doll
The completed doll.

Wayne helps Megan and Jack paint the background.
Wayne helps Megan and Jack paint the background.

Square from the top with full crew at work
The view from the top. We had a great location--just across the aisle from Rod Tryon in the feature square and next to our buddy Delphine.

Cheryl continues work on the reflected girl
After Wayne painted the mirror frame, Cheryl continued her slow way down the reflected image. By then, the much awaited mission shadow had arrived--yay!

Square status as of Saturday evening
By the end of the day on Saturday, we'd gotten all of the reflection done (except the feet), the background, the doll, and the mirror frame.

Sunday Morning with Wayne at work on the chair
Sunday morning, Wayne started on the chair holding up the mirror.

Two heads closeup
Cheryl couldn't resist adding a subtle purple streak to the hair (thanks for the idea, Alice!).

Reflected girl completed
The chair and the reflected feet are complete.

Sunday noon status
By the time we broke for lunch, Wayne had also completed the stool.

Cheryl smiles while she works on the girl
Cheryl continues her slow progress down the girl.

Megan and Jack add a little more background
Megan and Jack finish up the background.

Megan starts to stencil Norman Rockwell's name
Megan starts to stencil Norman Rockwell's signature.

Wayne and Jack stencil the signature
Wayne helps Jack stencil the signature.

The completed stenciled signature
The completed signature.

Wayne and Cheryl pose with the nearly completed square
Wayne and Cheryl pose with the nearly completed square.

Completed square
The completed square on Monday morning.

Wayne poses with the completed square
Wayne poses in the completed square.

Completed square closeup
Close view of the completed square.

Closeup of the magazine on her lap
Closeup of the magazine on her lap. We learned that the movie star in the magazine is Jane Russell, who happens to be local to Santa Barbara--she used to live in Montecito and now lives in Santa Maria.

Completed head and shoulders of the girl
Closeup of the completed head and shoulders of the girl.

Completed reflected head
Closeup of the completed reflection of her head and shoulders.

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