Luna Park Sidewalk Chalk Festival, October 2009

We returned to the Luna Park neighborhood of San Jose for a second year, again as their feature square artists. Luna Park is traditionally an Italian neighborhood and currently has a strong Hispanic community, so in a nod to both cultures we chose futbol (soccer) as our topic. After a long search for the right photo, we got it: a photo of four kids playing soccer by Jared Tipton, a co-worker of Wayne's sister. It was perfect for our plan for a 3D image. We skewed the image so that when viewed from the bottom of the picture, the four kids would look like they were live. In the process of painting the image, we discovered that this painting could be interactive, too--we took photos of people pretending to kick or grab the ball from the kids.

We changed the kids' uniforms to match the uniforms for the Mexican and Italian national teams. We don't know the names of the four boys, so we called them Mateo, Marco, Juan and Lucio (left to right).

Halfway through pouncing the image
The pounced image, halfway through.

Cheryl works on Lucio while Wayne has a ball
Cheryl starts work on Lucio's face. Wayne, obviously, is having a ball.

Cheryl works on Lucio's face
Closeup of Lucio's face.

Lucio's face
Lucio's face completed.

Lucio's head and foot completed.
Lucio now has a foot, so it's officially Foot Ball now.

Cheryl paints Lucio's knee
Cheryl paints Lucio's knees.

Wayne paints Lucio's shorts
Wayne paints Lucio's shorts, while in the background, Sharyn and Andrea work on their kitties.

Wayne sits on Lucio's lap
Sometimes the easiest way to work is to sit on someone's lap. This is an interesting view because it shows just how far we had to stretch the kids to get them to look right.

Wayne is still sitting on Lucio's lap
Here's Wayne (and Lucio) from the more normal direction. Hard to believe Lucio stretches that far, isn't it?

Mateo with a half-green face
Meanwhile, Cheryl has started on Mateo's face. She put down a underpainting of greens, then went over them with browns and reds to create a realistic skin tone.

Wayne works on Lucio--view from the top
The view from the top of the painting was interesting as well.

Cheryl works on Mateo while Wayne finishes Lucio
Cheryl paints Mateo's fist green while Wayne finishes Lucio.

Slanted Lucio watches Cheryl at work on Mateo
Cheryl continues work on Mateo's fist while Lucio looks aslant.

Upside down Lucio
The view from over Lucio's shoulder.

Closeup of Mateo's face
Closeup of Mateo's face with sunlight glancing across it.

Wayne lies down on the job
Wayne lies down on the job.

Wayne lies down--view from the side
Here's how he looks from the side.

Wayne grabs the kids' ball
It's not very nice to steal a kid's ball, Wayne!

Wayne prepares to kick the ball
All of a sudden, Wayne's a giant.

Another view from the top
View from above Mateo's head.

Mateo's fists float against the concrete
Mateo's fists--or as Wayne puts it, Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Jessie takes the ball away
Jessie from Trader Joe's tries to take the ball away from Lucio and Mateo.

Wayne plays goalie
Wayne plays goalkeeper.

Little girl pretends to kick the ball
This little girl is closer to the right scale, but she's still pretty big.

Lucio's head and Juan's eyes
So far, Juan is all eyes.

Wayne paints Mateo's shirt
Wayne paints Mateo's shirt. He's in scale with the kids there--just sort of floating in midair.

Wayne works on Mateo's shirt--view from the side
Mateo's head was about five feet tall. The entire picture was about 18 feet tall from the top of Juan's beehive hairdo to the bottom of the soccer ball.

Upside down view of Lucio Mateo and Juan's head
The upside down view show's Juan's relationship to Marge Simpson.

The Aztec dancers try to kick and catch the ball
Two of the Aztec dancers came over and tried to play with the ball.

Cheryl works on Marco's hair
Cheryl works on Marco's hair.

Ron visits while Cheryl works on Marco
A former co-worker of Cheryls, Ron Vogel, visits while Cheryl works on Marco's face.

Wayne finishes Marco
He's surrounded!

The finished painting
The finished painting.

Wayne and Cheryl pose with the finished painting
The artists pose with the finished painting.

Finished painting from the top
The view from the top.

Finished painting from one side
The view from Mateo's side.

Last view of the painting
Our boys lead the parade of completed paintings.

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