San Luis Obispo I Madonnari Festival, September 2009

Our subject for the SLO I Madonnari festival this year was a painting by J. W. Waterhouse called After The Dance. It shows a pair of young dancers in Ancient Greece relaxing after their performance. This is an early painting by Waterhouse, who later became the best known of the third wave of Pre-Raphaelite painters.

After The Dance by John Waterhouse--original painting
Original painting After The Dance by J. W. Waterhouse.

Cheryl paints the girl's arm
Cheryl paints the girl dancer's face and arm.

Closeup of the girl's head
Close view of the young dancer's head soon after it was painted.

Progress on the painting as of Saturday lunchtime
Here's how far we got by the time we stopped for lunch on Saturday.

Wayne paints the dancer's skirt
Wayne paints the girl dancer's skirt.

A view of the painting from the top
The view from the top on Saturday afternoon, showing how the painting is skewed.

Cheryl works on the background musician on Saturday afternoon
Late Saturday, Cheryl is getting the two background figures into the painting.

Sunday morning status
Sunday morning: all of the figures are at least begun (except for the painting on the wall). We keep telling people that we've done the hard parts--the rest would be easy. It was, depending on how you define the term, "easy."

Wayne and Cheryl at work on Sunday morning
Cheryl paints the peacock-feather fan while Wayne tiles the floor.

Wayne adds fluting to the first pillar
Wayne begins work on the vertical architecture.

First test of the perspective
The perspective view, where the pillar looks straight. Cheryl sits on the boy dancer's head while she paints the scenery behind him.

Closeup of the girl's head
The girl's head on her pillows with the peacock feather fan and the boy behind her.

Closeup of the musician while Wayne works on another pillar
Wayne works on the pillars next to the musician and the listener behind him. The foot belongs to David, Wayne's brother.

Wayne uses a straight edge to keep the pillar fluting on track
All the pillars are fluted at the top, so Wayne borrowed a straight edge (thanks, Julio!) to keep them all pointed in the same direction.

Wayne and David finish up the painting
Almost done! Wayne supervises while David adds in the final bits.

The finished painting from atop the scissor lift
Once we finished the painting, we posed for the official paintings. Here you can see how we skewed the painting to make it look right to people walking beside the art.

Finished image with ray of light across it
The trees down the street cast interesting shadows across the painting, mimicking the lighting within the painting.

Close up of the boy dancer
Close-up of the boy dancer. We think that this dancer is a boy due to his clothing style (and shorter hair).

Close up of the girl dancer
Close-up of the completed girl dancer.

Close up of the two dancers
Both dancers together, photographed from a low perspective to try to get the two dancers back into perspective in the photo

Close up of the dancers
The dancers in a photo taken from the place where the perspective works.

Close up of the musician
The completed musician and listener.

The completed piece--one last look
One last look at the completed piece before we head for home.

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