Danville Art and Wine Faire, June 2009

This year in Danville we were joined by four other artists--CeCe Linayao, Hien Nguyen, Alice Crittenden, and Shirley Rhodes--to make a streetful of artworks. The weather was agreeable for Danville if a bit windy. We'd been thinking of doing something with a pop-up book for a while, so when the opportunity arose to photograph our niece Alex in her not-moved-in-yet house, we found the perfect setting. The photography session was fun--we have a series of photos showing Alex trying very hard not to crack up...and eventually failing. It's always fun to play with our nieces.

Original photo of Alex looking at an Alice In Wonderland pop-up book
Alex In Wonderland

Alex not only posed for this painting, but she also got to spend the whole day Saturday painting it with us. She did a great job! We did find that between Alex-in-the-painting, Alice-in-the-painting, Alex-the-painter and Alice-the-painter we were using the wrong name more often than not.

Wayne and Alex paint the Dormouse
Wayne and Alex started with the Dormouse ears.

Alex paints the teapot
Alex went on to paint the teapot by herself.

Painting of Alex' eyes with green skin surrounding them
Cheryl spent most of Saturday working on Alex' face, starting with her eyes. She underpainted the skin with green tones to create a sense of translucency.

Painting of the teapot and Dormouse
The completed teapot and Dormouse.

Painting of Alex' face with green cheeks
Cheryl continues painting Alex' face.

Painting of Alex' face with one green cheek
One cheek has been de-Shrekified.

Cheryl Wayne and Alex at work on Saturday
Cheryl works on Alex' face while Wayne and Alex work on Alice.

Alex paints the purple background
Alex started work on the purple checkerboard in the background. She liked our t-shirts labeled with Artist on the back, so we made hers match.

Painting of Alex' face just has the chin left to paint
Almost done with the face!

Saturday afternoon view of Alice and the Mad Hatter
Saturday afternoon: Alice and the Mad Hatter, version 1.0.

View of the square from the top
Sunday morning: the view from the top of the square. Unlike Saturday, Sunday was calm enough to risk putting up umbrellas.

Wayne paints Alex' hair
Alex finally went from being an asphalt=-gray brunette to her normal blonde on Sunday when Wayne added her hair.

Cheryl underpaints Alex' fingers green
Cheryl underpainted Alex' fingers green.

Closeup of the completed Alice Mad Hatter and Dormouse
Finished! Here's Alice (version 2.0) with the Mad Hatter and Dormouse.

Closeup of the completed March Hare
On the other end of the table, the March Hare relaxes.

Completed painting: Alex In Wonderland
The full painting, completed.

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