San Carlos Art and Wine Faire, October 2008

We returned to San Carlos for our third year in our nephew's home town, and this time we did a painting featuring him. The painting was designed so that people could pose with the painting and look like they were playing checkers with Nolan.

Because of a conflict, this was set to be Wayne's debut as a solo artist (Cheryl was at a gardening conference, but was able to join the fun for a bit on Sunday). Wayne came up with the concept and did almost all of the preparation for the painting. Nolan was able to help work on the painting on Saturday, and he enjoyed posing with it on Sunday, too.

While the weather stayed sunny (unlike the weekend before), there was a fierce wind blowing all weekend, which brought its own challenges--chalk didn't tend to stick very well, for instance. And all of the painted shapes had a ghostly color shadow on the leeward side from the blown chalk.

Nolan's face
Wayne started by painting Nolan's face.

Nolan's face from above
The view from above shows how we stretched the photo to make it pop up off the pavement when viewed from the painting's base.

Nolan with a red shirt
Work begun on Nolan's red shirt.

Nolan helps Wayne with the checkerboard
Nolan helped Wayne lay out the checkerboard.

Checkerboard laid out by Saturday noon
By noon on Saturday, Nolan and Wayne had finished the white squares.

First arm done
Wayne painted the rest of Nolan's clothes and his left arm next.

Second arm and legs done
Then he painted Nolan's right arm and his legs.

Wayne and Nolan add the black squares and the checkers
Nolan returned to help Wayne with the checkers and the black squares.

Nolan plays Nolan
End of the day on Saturday; Nolan plays himself.

Nolan's face
Wayne tries to play Nolan, but discovers that the scale is wrong from his position--he looks too big!

Cheryl touches up Nolan's face
Sunday morning: Cheryl touches up Nolan's face.

Wayne draws the football
Some kids have teddy bears; Nolan the sports nut has a stuffed football. Wayne works on painting it.

Cheryl paints the rug around the checkers
Cheryl paints the rug behind the jumped checkers.

Nolan plays Nolan
Wayne paints the rug.

Closeup of Nolan's head
Closeup of Nolan's head.

Wayne adds the title
Just about finished; Wayne adds the title: Your Move.

Nolan wears Cheryl's hat
Nolan got to wear Cheryl's hat when she left.

View of Nolan from above
View down the painting from the top.

The painting from the side
The painting from the side.

Nolan poses with the finished painting
Nolan poses with the finished painting.

Nolan plays Nolan on Sunday
Nolan plays himself once again.

Wayne plays Nolan
Wayne plays Nolan.

Dick plays Nolan
Nolan's grandfather Dick (Wayne's dad) plays Nolan.

Lois plays Nolan
Cheryl's mom Lois plays Nolan.

Wayne and Nolan pose with the finished painting
Wayne and Nolan pose with the completed painting.

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