San Luis Obispo I Madonnari Festival, September 2008

We did an original image in San Luis Obispo of our niece Catie having a tea party with her teddy bear Oso and her stuffed pug, Elizabeth. We tried to set up the painting's perspective so that people could join Catie in the picture.

Wayne pounces the image
Wayne transfers the image to the pavement.

Cheryl works on Caties face
Cheryl started working on Catie's face, while Wayne painted Oso the teddy bear.

Underpainted Green Catie
Catie looked a little ill after Cheryl underpainted her face with greens to get the skin tones to look right.

Catie drinks tea
She recovered quickly. We were amused by the sponsor we were matched with--not exactly tea party material. So we told people that Catie was actually drinking Red Bull.

Wayne furnishes the scene
Wayne finished the other tea party attendees and started on furniture.

Wayne David and Cheryl at work
Wayne's brother David drove up from Lompoc to help us out.

Cheryl Wayne and David at work
He helped Wayne paint the furniture.

Cheryl sits on the table
Sometimes this work requires that the painter balance precariously on top of tables.

View down the street with David and Cheryl
Looking down Monterey Street. We were at the corner of Monterey and Broad.

Cheryl and Wayne at work
Cheryl and Wayne at work on Saturday afternoon.

Wayne and Cheryl at work on Sunday
Sunday noon: Wayne built the seatwall while Cheryl "planted" wooly thyme around the patio.

Lois sods the lawn
We recruited Cheryl's mom Lois to help us add the lawn around the front.

Cheryl adds daylilies
Almost done! Cheryl added daylilies around the seatwall by the lawn.

Finished center section
The completed center section.

Closeup of tabletop
Closeup of the tabletop.

Oso the teddy bear
Oso the teddy bear.

Lantana in a terra cotta pot
Lantana in a terra cotta pot.

Alice poses with Catie
Alice Crittenden drank tea with Catie.

Little girl poses with Catie
A little girl and her family happened by and we asked her to pose.

Finished painting
The completed painting.

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