Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, August 2008

For the Palo Alto festival this year, we chose another N.C. Wyatt painting--The Giant, the one our friend Alice painted in Danville. The Giant was originally painted in 1923 as a mural at a school. Five of the children in the painting were based on N.C. Wyatt's children (we think Andrew is the little blond boy in the middle), and the sixth--the boy on the left in a white hat--was a former student at the school who died young. His classmates pooled their money to pay for the mural.

Cheryl underpaints first child skin with green
Cheryl started out with the boy in the red bathing costume (we had fun asking kids whether that child was a boy or a girl). She underpainted the skin with green tones to create more realistic skin tones.

Wayne paints the giant
Wayne began with the giant.

Wayne paints the giant with his fans
He had a few fans watching him.

First three kids
The first three kids.

Wayne works on clouds and Cheryl talks
This photo shows how much Wayne did (everything above him) and how little Cheryl did (the kids). And there are some really nice cloud swirls in there.

Cheryl draws the five grouped kids
Cheryl worked on the group of five kids.

Cheryl paints the sixth kid
Cheryl worked on the sixth child.

The sixth kid
Closeup of the sixth child.

Cheryl and Wayne work at base of painting
Cheryl worked on the sixth kid while Wayne worked on the ocean waves.

The group of five kids
The five kids in the main group.

Closeup of the seagulls.

Sunday afternoon
Still to go: the ocean and beach.

Sean helps Wayne with the beach
Our neighbor Sean helps Wayne with the beach.

Sean helps Wayne with the ocean and the beach
Sean helps Wayne with the ocean.

The central group of five kids finished
The central group of five children, finished.

Finished painting
All done!

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