San Rafael Youth In Arts Festival--June 2008

We returned to San Rafael for the second year in 2008 with an original painting based on the statue of Peter Pan found in Kensington Gardens in London (and Liverpool, Toronto, Brussels, Australia and New Jersey). We pictured Peter warning the other inhabitants of Neverland that the pirates had landed on the beach below.

Before pouncing we colored in the sky and sea
Before pouncing the image, we put down a base layer in the sky and sea areas.

pouncing the image
Once the base layer was down, we rolled out the traced image and pounced it (rubbed powdered chalk through the holes we'd poked in the paper).

Cheryl works on Peter's pipe
Cheryl started with work on Peter's face and his pipe, while Wayne painted another excellent tree.

Nolan helps Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Wayne
Saturday afternoon, Nolan came by with his parents and grandfather. He helped Wayne draw coneflowers.

Cheryl draws Peter and Nolan draws flowers
Cheryl continued to work on Peter while Nolan drew coneflowers.

Wayne adds highlights to Peter
Wayne touched up Peter to increase the value range (more lights and darks).

Cheryl draws coneflowers
Saturday evening, Cheryl added more coneflowers to the ones Wayne and Nolan drew.

Sunday morning more of the same
Cheryl continued with coneflowers the following morning, while Wayne began adding the background trees.

background bluffs and foreground flowers
Wayne added bluffs to the background and began to paint the beach.

Pirate ship and foreground groundcover
Wayne added the pirate ship while Cheryl worked on the groundcover in the foreground.

closeup of the pirate ship
Closeup of the pirate ship.

Two pirates one parrot and a dingy
If a pirate ship is in sight, can pirates be far away? (note that the righthand pirate has a parrot on his shoulder)

Cheryl works on middleground shrubbery
Cheryl added shrubbery behind Peter.

Cheryl and Wayne almost finished
Cheryl continued with the shrubbery while Wayne highlighted the tree.

Cheryl and Wayne pose with the finished painting

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