San Rafael Youth In Arts Festival--June 2007

San Rafael's Youth In Arts festival has been going for fourteen years and is regarded highly by the street artists we know. We've wanted to participate for several years, but didn't know how to get into their artist list and didn't know if we could prepare for another street painting just two weeks after Santa Barbara's I Madonnari and two weeks before Danville's Fine Arts Faire. We chose the artworks for those three festivals this year with the short turnaround in mind, choosing to copy other artists' work for the second two so our preparation would be simpler.
The artist we chose to represent at San Rafael, Arthur Mathews, was a prominant San Franciscan painter during the first few decades of the 20th century. He painted The Arts in 1904 as a mural for the newly opened Oakland Free Library, a beautiful building funded by Andrew Carnegie. It hangs there now, though the building is now home to the African American Museum & Library. His wife Lucia was a talented artist in her own right, specializing in furniture-making and other decorative arts. We suspect that she posed for the figure on the left in this painting, as the figure resembles photos and paintings of Lucia Mathews.

Wayne paints the tree
Wayne works on his amazing tree

Closeup of Lucia's head
Closeup of Lucia's head

Cheryl paints a dress
Cheryl paints Lucia's dress

Wayne paints a stone lion
Wayne paints a stone lion

Wayne works in front of a crowd
Wayne attracts a crowd on Sunday

Cheryl works on the background hills
Cheryl draws in the background hills and buildings

Cheryl paints the second figure's dress
Cheryl paints the second figure's dress

Cheryl paints the urn
Cheryl helps Lucia paint her urn

Center of the completed artwork
Center of the completed artwork

Wayne and Cheryl pose with the artwork
Wayne and Cheryl pose with the completed artwork

the completed painting
The completed painting (with some of our neighbors' works)

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