San Luis Obispo I Madonnari--September 2006

For our second trip to San Luis Obispo's chalk painting festival, we chose to reproduce a watercolor by Robin Berry entitled Miranda--Repose. We named our version of her work No Egrets. When we got into town, we discovered that the local weekly paper, New Times, had printed an ad for I Madonnari that included a very small photo of last year's square, crediting the artwork to "Wayne and Cheryl Renshaw and staff" (because they didn't know that the third person working on our square was Wayne's brother David). We got a kick out of that, and wish to thank all of our staff members who have worked on our squares.

Closeup of the egret's head
Cheryl starts by drawing the egret's head and bill.

David and Cheryl at work on Saturday
David fills in the body color while Cheryl finishes feathers.

Rebecca colors the body
We got some help Saturday afternoon from our "staff member" Rebecca, who is filling in the base body color in this photo.

Wayne starts drawing palm leaves
Wayne starts drawing palm leaves.

Cheryl works on palm leaves
Cheryl gets a chance at the palm leaves, too.

View from the lower left corner
Looking across the square from the lower left corner

Wayne draws in more palm leaves
On Sunday, Wayne continues tackling the palm leaves.

Wayne signs our names
Wayne signs our names (including that of our "staff member" David) to the completed artwork.

Finished artwork from the scissor lift
The festival organizers rented a scissor lift to photograph all the finished squares, and we got them to take some photos for us. This is the completed artwork.

Original Artwork
The original watercolor by Robin Berry.

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