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  Rendering a model involves quite a bit more than simply painting a picture; There are methods that simplify the entire process, and lend to the overall reality of the image. In this section I present some of these techniques, and offer examples and tutatorials.
rendering a
Corinthian column

 On the surface, the Corinthian column seems to be a difficult modeling project. Through the magic of multiple surface and texture maps, a realistic column capital is reduced to a simple model.
rendering a
virtual garden

 Most of the renderings that I produce require landscaping. In order to make the picture realistic, the plantings need to look real from any angle. My virtual garden illustrates the techniques that I use to build the landscape.
painting versus

 A common mistake made by those learning to produce renderings is not knowing when to paint detail into a model instead of actually building the physical geometry. This section illustrates some of the common where I paint detail into a model instead of building the physical geometry.
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