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  The virtual garden is a place that I have created to demonstrate some of the landscaping techniques that I use in my renderings. When rendering an architectural project it is important that the building look natural. This means adding enough landscape to help the project look real. Potted plants are a valuable tool as they lend life to paved areas, side walks, etc.
How to
model a plant

 Creating a plant model is actually a lot easier than it might look.
plant model
 Plants must look good at all angles, and show enough detail when the camera is close as well as at a distance.
lacy foliage
 Grasses, and leafy plants, such as fountain grass and agapanthus are especially good, as they strike a good balance between detail and generic form. They are both somewhat bushy, and a little lacy, which adds to the reality. They also cast good shadows.

 Trees represent a special challenge due to the number of polygons that they contain. Here I will explain the techniques that I use to optimize the modeling and rendering performance that I get from my trees (as well as how I make them look good).
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