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  This stage begins with a two-hour interview and consultation. During the interview, we tour the site and ask questions about how the space is and will be used. We then draw a few design sketches, to illustrate various design concepts. These sketches are very loose and are used to establish the project's direction. If your project is small and your requirements are well defined, the two-hour consultation may be all you need. For larger or more comprehensive projects, additional study may be needed to establish a thoughtful design.
Front Yard,
Santa Clara,
Part 1

 We developed an unusual, inwardly-focused front yard using low-allergy plants. First step in the process was to sketch several alternatives.
Back Yard,
 After removing a diseased hedge and replacing the back fence, the owners needed new landscaping to replace the hedge. We suggested that damage from disease could be averted or at least minimized by mixing plants from multiple plant families. We chose plants based on size, neatness, color, and in some cases, fragrance.
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