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  The final stage of design development is where we define planting groups and select materials. We provide cutsheets--single page descriptions--of important plants such as trees, shrubs and ground covers and hardscape materials to the client.
Front Yard,
Santa Clara,
Part 3

 We developed an unusual, inwardly-focused front yard using low-allergy plants. During Final Design Development, we chose the tree, most major shrubs, and ground cover plants for the herbal lawn.
 Illustrated landscape plan for large Woodside residence. We strove to highlight existing native oaks through a landscape of California native trees, shrubs, and ground covers. Plants include Coast Live Oak, Black Oak, Coast Redwood, Flannel Bush, Western Redbud, Red-flowering Current, Silktassel, Dr. Hurd Manzanita, California Wax Myrtle, Toyon, Bush Anemone and Oregon Grape. Architect: Green3 Studios.
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