Ghosts In The Machine: Pulling The Plug
Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, August 2012

Our Ghosts In The Machine painting was designed to be interactive--visitors could pose as if they were joining our imps in their merry mayhem by miming the action of pulling out the power plug.

The power plug
This is the power cord, plugged into a ground level outlet in the middle of Tasso Street.

Wayne pulls the plug
Wayne discovered that once you plug these things in, it is difficult to get them unplugged.

Jack pulls the plug
Cheryl's dad said that he would get it undone. Unfortunately, even a father of mythical proportions couldn't unplug this one.

Red Riding Hood pulls the plug
...So we tried bringing in mythical people. Little Red Riding Hood couldn't pull the plug either.

Cuong pulls the plug
Since the mythical people didn't work, we decided to try celebrity. Cuong Nguyen couldn't pull the plug.

Rod pulls the plug
Nor could Super Madonnaro, Rod Tryon (search Google Images for his name to see a bunch of his paintings!).

Little girl in green pulls the plug
So we resorted to cuteness.

Little girl with pigtails pulls the plug
This little girl had technique! But it didn't work.

Little boy pulls the plug
Little brother tried next...

Woman in hoodie pulls the plug
... then somebody's mom.

Man photographs his daughter pulling the plug
This kid's dad tried to give her directions. (he must have googled something on his iPhone on "how to unplug chalk paintings")

Redhaired teen pulls the plug
Teenagers have all the answers. (not always the right answers...)

Catie pulls the plug
Our niece Catie wanted to try. Lots of drama, plenty of flair, but she couldn't do it...

Everyone pulls the plug
... so she called in reinforcements...

Catie falls the the ground laughing
... and it almost killed her...

JD carries Catie
... lucky for us JD the fireman was there to rescue her.

Wayne finishes painting
So we just gave up.

Finished painting
..and left it plugged in.

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